“EnoughㅡI have been tried enoughㅡ
My wanderingㅡlong wandering.
Yet I have found nowhere
To leave my misery.”

Unlike poor Io, at least I get to keep this blog where I can destress and release some of my own misery.

Hello, I’m Dyan and I was told that I look like Shin Min Ah (my eternal girl crush). I wish I did sometimes but seriously, I don’t see any resemblance. Except when she was in My Girlfriend is A Gumiho, where constant hunger was her dominant trait. Or maybe threatening to tear out Seung Gi’s liver was her dominant trait. I’m going for constant hunger, though.

I’ve been keeping this blog for when my minute imagination goes generous and allows me to come up with short stories, fiction or life experiences-turned-fiction (see category 75+ Words). Also, for songs, with or without words, that I greatly fancy (see Ear Candy). For days when the internet connection suffices and I do some style-looking on Lookbook (see Flipping Lookbook). When people are so dear, they nominate me (or maybe it’s my blog they’re nominating) for being a sweetheart (see From Liebster with love).

For days when I’m purely mental and unreasonable (see I, the bonkers). When my relationship with dramas is flourishing (see In Asian dramaland). When life gives me lemons, good and bad (see La-luh-life). For reflections and nostalgia (see Lost but found). When the printed words lift out of the pages (see Noted, quoted).

For the reader posts that catch my eye (see Reblogged). For the short poetry I conceive on a whim (see Verse of the Day). For film and aesthetic appreciation (see Visuals and visions). And lastly, for the archives of a writing challenge I joined (see Zero to hero).

Go ahead and leave comments, suggestions (books or music or movies or something) or anything remotely close should you wish to. I don’t threaten to tear out livers so no worries.

Thank you for hanging around. Have a wonderful day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks Pam! Super happy kami kanina. Kung pwede lang sumigaw ng bongga sa school ginawa na namin. Nararamdaman ko talaga na Daddy God is smiling in heaven. Sobrang pasasalamat ko sa kanya! :>

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