Though, I’m not a fan of their group 2AM, I’m head over heels for this man’s voice. You must know, a habit of mine is scouring Youtube for videos of the songs I like sung live. Tonight’s a session for Korean drama OSTs and I found this HD video of ChangMin-ssi singing Moment. (I’m not Korean and when I first heard the lyrics “Love is the moment niga odeon geu nal geu sungan” believe me, I immediately searched for the translation because hey what do you mean by love is the moment lalala? Then I found the translation and I’ve come to appreciate the song even more.)

It’s close to midnight and my heart is pounding, I was literally squealing because this The Heirs track sung live is much better than the recorded. It’s not A-okay but ChangMin-ssi seemed to fully grasp the feeling of this song, it brought down the house, and my heart, as well.


What are your thoughts on this?

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