The Visit by Sharon Dolin

From Troubles of The World

There will always be this place
where I feel her absence
where I feel the echo of her lost voice —
the one she would have used to call me
back from sadness             as she had to be
called so many times         back from madness.

What would it take to summon her —
Not having an address, just a marker
for where she is not

I can only go and visit
her absence                     her remains
which become less and less like her
more and more like the earth and trees,
the sky she continually faces.

I’d rather picture her under the sea
hair waving to the fishes and the brine,
being washed clean by
sharks and plankton

than under those pines by
the stone bench: one more desiccating root
in a garden of bones.


Date: 1993

By: Sharon Dolin (1956- )

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