Lee Seung Gi’s Invite

If I were to buy just one LSG album, I’d most likely choose this mini-album done in collaboration with Epitone Project. (More info here) Plus the photobook, which I’m curious about, as well. Honestly, much as I like Seung Gi, I haven’t bought any of his albums or other merchandises with his name or face on it. I only heard three songs from this album, all of which have an official MV. 나에게 초대 (Naege Chodae), or Invitation to Me, is my favorite song and video among the three.
The song’s quite comfortable already when you hear it, and then the MV happens. The shots add more calm to it, thus, this post.
There are hints of innocence. Throughout the video, Seung Gi’s playfulness shows. There were also instances when SG looked at someone behind the camera, like he was asking for guidance on what he should do. Those moments felt raw to me, haha.
힘들었던 하루 끝엔 내가 있을게
조금만 내 곁에 가까이 와주지 않겠니?
I will be there at the end of your hard day,
Won’t you come a bit closer to me?

Then his heodangness seeps through. He’s unexpectedly clueless and awkward at shots, but it just makes him all the more endearing to me. Ooh, my heart is on my sleeve.
Then, he was cool and composed. As ever.
Much as it suggests itself as either spring or fall tune, moreso, it’s a song for laidback times. For deep breaths, and not sighs, to release negativity,that kind of moment. For settling down after a long, strenuous day. For being at home, and in peace with the place where you are. For when your in harmony with your self. And when, after all has been said and done, the pieces fall into their places. (Oppa, in the last screenshot you remind me of MiHo when she was eating her fill of cow meat.)

“슬퍼했던 오래 전 기억들도 같이 나누자
조금씩 오래, 두 손을 마주잡고”
Let’s share the old and sad memories together,
Little by little, for a long time, as we hold hands.


What are your thoughts on this?

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