The Last Time.

The last time you swallowed your pride, it filled you up down to the core and forgot its way out of your system. The day it flushes out of you is still in the works. Is it, really?

The last time you swallowed your pride, you almost didn’t. You said we were the ones who misunderstood. You said there’s no reason for you to apologize because we thought wrong. You said it’s not your fault if we didn’t read between the lines. You put in a good word for you, fine. But you’re not fooling anyone, well, not us anyway. It’s as clear as day. No, more than that. Between the lines malign us in exchange for setting up a perfect image for you.

Look at that. Everything you’ve said can be summarized in a single word. YOU. All caps, in bold. Should I also italicize it for you?

Let me tell you this story. In Greek mythology, there was this hunter who was endowed with good looks, he was renowned for it. However, his ego got in the way. Once upon a time, he saw his reflection, and he fell in love with it. He couldn’t walk away from this handsome young man, oh yeah. Then he died. What do you think about this story? Narcissistic, eh?

Lately, I’ve come across certain passages similar to the story I just told you. Like this one from Matilda, by Roald Dahl:

And this one, too. Though whoever came up with it, I’m not sure.

Anyway, enough of bloated egos. This one I posted on Facebook, and you know I rarely do status there, just for you. (It’s an excerpt from the previous post, a reblog.)

There you are, posting whatever without thinking twice, about your side. Oh yeah, you were convinced that we wouldn’t retaliate and just let you be. Go on, fool them with your one-sided, sympathy-seeking, I’m-a-weakling-you-must-side-with-me ramblings. That rhymes, ha.

But unlike before, we are taking a stand now. We’re long past passiveness. We’re long past trying to convince you to keep it between us and stop involving other people. We’re long past resorting to direct messages while you put what’s supposed to be personal for the world to see.

It’s our turn now. Might as well brace yourself up for it. No, it won’t be another Facebook status. We’re putting it into words, into paragraphs, into chapters. No cuts, no edits, nothing shall be left out. Until the whole story comes to light.

Don’t worry, it would be our privilege to have you read it first.


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