I still hear your voice.


It’s been a month since you and me. While we were together, you’ve made think things I thought of before but forgotten. Like being an attorney, because regardless of the cliche of lawyers are liars, you made court proceedings and case studies cool. I could choose any other adjective to use but cool will do. Because you are.

Though I never got to know how and why Park Soo-Ha (Lee Jong-Suk) could read minds, I don’t… mind at all. His one-sided tearfall (where do I get my words), aggressive attitude, e.g. yeah let’s talk banmal (Korean informal language), and his consistent gumshoe clinginess to Jang Hye-Sung (Lee Bo-Young) makes up for it. And he’s not the only character with a flair.

Jang Hye-Sung/Jjang-byun(Lee Bo-Young, you and your couldn’t-care-less ways. Complimenting yourself everytime you win over someone with your words (playback post-courthearing conversations). Your sort-of sorrys and sort-of thank yous. Then again, you have your Jjang-mom to look up to. Remember this sentiment?
An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. If all people lived that way, everyone will become handicapped.

In all seriousness, you gave me moments worth squealing for. You made me love this partnership, and envious of it at the same time. You made Soo-Ha man enough I forgot he was ten years younger than Jjang-byun.

You gave me moments to know other characters’ depths. Whether it be over a morning meal, or an after-work soju spree, sober or not, or with the glass window between, even in silence, you said it all.

That is why, I still hear your voice.

(Photos not mine. The last photo is humor to the written content, eh?)


What are your thoughts on this?

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