A recap of sorts for School 2013 episode 2.


No, I’m not trying to spam you with Lee Jong-Suk. It’s just a lead actor-coincidence that you’re seeing his face. What’s with the back of his head, anyway? Well, Jung-saem (I think saem is short for seonsaengnim, which means teacher) tweaked the class punishment for tardiness. Instead of paying a late fee, she asked the students tomemorize a poem and recite it in class. She’s the Literature teacher, after all.

Now, Go Nam-Soon (Lee Jong-Suk) right there is facing the wall. He refused to recite a poem, and Jung-saem came up with face-the-wall-until-class-ends discipline. The reason for his refusal is revealed as we go on with episode 2. He thinks Jung-saem tattled on Young Woo when she promised not to. Hey, at least he realizes his misunderstanding and Jung-saem gets an apology.

Now the screencaps are Nam-Soon eventually saying poetry. Young Woo, which is his sort-of friend, came to say goodbye to them. In his stuttering manner, he said the most grateful “Thank you” and the sincerest “Fighting“. Now the drama thought the emotional load in Young-Woo’s little speech wasn’t enough and we’re given Nam-Soon’s no-nonsense-but-says-it-all talk as well. Of course, he walks out afterwards, missing out on Jung-saem’s insubordination. She challenged the Principal’s authority just to save Young-Woo from being forced to transfer school. Either way, Nam-Soon’s too cool to stay after his cheesy poetry recital, the drama thinks.


What is a drama without grudges? The principal took action, after suffering humiliation, courtesy of Jung-saem, revoking Jung-saem’s position as Class 2’s homeroom teacher, as shown in the 3rd episode’s preview.

Other thoughts on School 2013

I think this is the first drama I’m watching that is school-related with reality bites. I’ve seen Boys Over Flowers, enjoyed it several times, has the bullying theme as well but executed in a ridiculous and childish way. Twas Gu Jun Pyo after all, what do you expect.

School 2013 throws the bullying with reality bites. Having taught Korean students before, I’ve seen it happen—not paying attention, sleeping in class. Not all students, but some. Though not to the extremes, I’ve seen them hit each other intensely. They say part of the game, but I think they go too far. I’ve seen hands go deep red in color. It’s hard work being in Jung-saem’s (Jang Na-Ra) shoes. For someone so tiny to handle the best class ever, pun intended, I doubted her for a moment. I doubt if I could do it, too, even when the days of me teaching are long gone.

When Oh Jung-Ho (Kwak Jung-Wook) grabbed Jung-saem’s arm in a tighthold just because he was annoyed at her trying to discipline him, I flipped in shock. He has no tact, no manners. Too disrespectful. At some point I’m happy Jung-saem was replaced by Kang Se-Chan (Daniel Choi) as homeroom teacher.


What are your thoughts on this?

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