Hit two stars with one storyline.

Uh it’s half past 1 in the morning, Do Min Joon-ssi. And sorry about Chun Song Yi-ssi’s singing, or the lack of it, late at night. It was frustrating on her part, the forum comments regarding her common sense gone wrong, her brain being botoxed and the like.


See tweet. She smells garlic from the…  garlic pizza. 갈릭 GARLIC=마늘 GARLIC IN KOREAN. She asks if it’s just her who thinks it strange. Some people are prone to accidents, she’s susceptible to self-inflicted embarassment.

Nevertheless, her witless remarks just add to her overall charm. The way Jun Ji Hyun(Chun Song Yi) drags her last words in each sentence, e.g. ji-geeeeeeeuuum, makes up for the loss. She’s texture to the drama’s smooth lead from the stars.

All-around smarty-pants Do Min Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun, impressed me the most when he stood on the platform and listed out the references of Song Yi’s 100% copy-pasted essay. To know the title of the thesis is one, but to know the year published and the author and the content word for word is too much. Min Joon’s more impressive than the plagiarism scan we used for our research paper. Very much looking forward to episode three onwards.


What are your thoughts on this?

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