Refrigerator Conversations

Grandma: You know how when you were still little, you liked to tag along with me?
Dyan: Yeah, well Mommy and Daddy are both working so…
Grandma: One time I was cleaning the refrigerator. Usually we don’t turn it off even while cleaning it.
Dyan: Uh-huh.
Grandma: You were watching me clean, when suddenly I got shocked.
Dyan: I don’t remember anything.
Grandma: I was shocked just a bit but you were thrown backwards, away from me.
Dyan: (Tried to summon the memory to no avail)
Grandma: You tiny thing, I’ll never forget that day. I can never clean the refrigerator again without pulling the cord from the socket.

Daddy, the electrician: Let’s say you fall in line, you think the person nearest the socket/electrical wire gets shocked the most? No. The person at the end receives most of it.
Dyan: (Are we talking Physics now? I’m terrible at that subject.)

Dyan: (Relayed the story to friend)
Friend: Perhaps that’s the reason.
Dyan: Reason for?
Friend: You, being smart. Your brain got shocked.
Dyan: WHAT
Friend: I have to tell the others. Let them see if it works. *grin*


What are your thoughts on this?

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