Hear ye, hear ye!

No, a music sheet is still a stranger to me. I used to think my photographic memory was exceptional, however it’s not as exceptional in terms of notes and the likes. By itself won’t help me play any Yiruma piano piece. The piano is another foreign language I’ve yet to comprehend completely.

Me: Youtube, all these years I’ve been searching for videos of Yiruma, you never told me about his Vevo channel. How could you?
YT: There are other accounts who post his videos anyway. Besides, maybe the reason why it didn’t show up before was because it wasn’t available in your country.
Me: Why you racist, that’s… trash. (Nope no swears)

I try listening to classical music sometimes, it’s fancy but I don’t fancy it. The classics are too complicated to calm my nerves. Except for a Chopin, Nocturne in something major, I don’t recall any other classic I listened to that I liked. Perhaps you could suggest a piece or two.

Gah, to play even just one Yiruma composition. And I even downloaded Piano for Dummies. But I can’t coax meself enough to continue reading it. I’m almost always distracted because of other books. You know I’ve started the memoir Three Little Words? It’s been set aside, barely halfway done, because Scheherazade’s trying to stop the Sultan’s plans of eradicating the female race. It’s the second day of A Thousand One Nights.

Speaking of, why is it called A Thousand and One Nights? Scheherazade tells the story an hour before dawn, so technically it’s already morning. Uh never mind.

You know, don’t you, that I live my days with bits of Korean dramas here and there? Well, these dramas are my reliable heartwrenching song sources. Rarely do I get over a drama without one song from the soundtrack, memorized start to finish.

Knowing Hangul came in handy yesterday. Almost all the time, it makes me feel feels even more if I can find a video of the soundtrack sung live. Yesterday, I entered 효린 미치게 만들어 (Hyorin, Make Me Go Crazy) on the search bar, with the intention of just looking for fanmade vids. Unexpectedly, there’s the live version of the song!

Even before I googled the lyrics and translation of this song from Master’s Sun, it has already warmed its way to my heart.

Much like Yiruma’s piano compositions. There’s more to listen to aside from River Flows In You. Piano Quartet No. 3 in C, from his 8th studio album Blind Film, for example.


What are your thoughts on this?

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