Three little words unpacked.

Don’t get fooled by the sidebar. I’m on hiatus with widget editing, thus the reason I’m skipping stones a.k.a tasks in Zero to Hero. The Penultimate Peril has met its end, and no, The End, which is the last book in the Unfortunate series, has been set aside as well.

This is me, getting distracted from reading because of other books. After weeks of immersing in the troubles of the Baudelaires, I let cowardice take the upper hand. I’ve had enough of their disturbingly ridiculous troubles and so I’m postponing The End. I’ve said goodbye to Carmelita Spats, to relieve myself of another detailed and gruesome description of her rubbish OOTD. Bleh. She’s more bleh than Olaf.

In a recent scavenger hunt from Booksale, a Php25 (slightly over a half dollar) memoir entitled Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter was one of the books I bought, and brought home.

Written in the back flap is “It only takes three little words to break free from the past.” The memoir covers Ashley’s life under the foster care systemㅡshuffling from one foster home to another, enduring humiliation and abuse from some foster parents, and her Mom’s promise of “soon” she held onto when she was kept away.

Ten to fifteen pages a day is how I’m going through this book. There are certain scenes that come out as non-fiction Baudelaire troubles, real and less ridiculous. At some chapters, I go why why why and put the book down, let my mind wander to anything light that I can bear.

(Have you read this book? Or perhaps you’ve read other books covering the same thing. You may leave a comment or a link to a post on the book you’re reading right now. Have a good day!)


What are your thoughts on this?

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