Lunar halo.

Sadly, my phone’s not equipped with the best camera but if I could, I would’ve wanted to show how the moon looks like tonight and since it’s my first time seeing the moon this way, pardon my giddiness.

My room’s on the second floor of our house and it open’s to a porch so I went out and overhead there’s the moon with a huge halo around it, casting its brilliance and it was overwhelming. I’ve seen the moon quite near before but this one’s just too much when you look at it for the first time. I was terrified at first (you know I’m reading Unfortunate Events and my overly active imagination mistook it for Count Olaf’s eye tattoo)  but the fear was overshadowed by amazement, I’ve gone out several times in the past half an hour.

I’ve googled what causes lunar halos and found out it has something to do with thin cirrus clouds and ice crystals high above the atmosphere. The moon’s in its different phases is already a sight to behold, but tonight I consider it a feast for the eyes.

P.S. I haven’t forgotten Zero to Hero and I’m planning to catch up on it ASAP especially the tasks concerning theme tweaking. Anyway, how’s the moon in your place? (Why am I still asking when we live in the same planet, sorry not sorry for my weirdness) GOOD NIGHT! :3


What are your thoughts on this?

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