Zero to Hero: No writing tasks today.

Before telling you a strange dream I had last January 3rd, let me just tell you a tiny bit about the tasks for days 4 and 5 in the Zero to Hero Challenge. This morning, a few blogs piqued my curiosity and made me click the follow button, therefore day 4 accomplished. Though I’m planning to follow more blogs in the days ahead.

Yesterday, when I thought I’d do some WordPress writing, the PC crashed and won’t open anymore (I tried several times) perhaps after being neglected for months. You must know it’s a hand-me-down, therefore it was used right before we did. What has that got to do with Zero to Hero? Well, I would’ve tried other themes even if I just changed mine a few days back and posted screencaps in relation to day 5’s task. In my opinion, tweaking themes is best done with a PC or laptop, but right now I’m sort of empty-handed except for my android phone. So I’d just stick to Writr and change themes later on if my head calls for it. Either way, consider day 5 accomplished, as well.

The strange dream is up next.


What are your thoughts on this?

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