This is not how it should be.

The urge to go the bathroom cannot be ignored. Try as I might, I have no means of keeping it in my system for a few hours more. Scientists say we only use, what, 10-20 percent of our brain. Perhaps if people could maximize the use of both the right and left hemisphere, it’s possible that responding to nature’s call may be suspended for minutes or hours.

But that’s not the case. Nature was calling and it didn’t give a damn how it’s disturbing my precious sleep.

Few minutes later and finally emptied, I dive under the covers once more.

What I don’t get is that even if I know that this is only in my head, I absolutely have no control over what’s happening.

I don’t need Effie Trinket or Caesar Flickerman or President Snow to welcome me into this Hunger Games-ish dreamscape. I can only wish, like Katniss, that the odds are in my favor.

What is going on in this warehouse? Who are these people? What is this woman giving to me?

Hold on to these, and no matter what happens, don’t let go.

I obliged though I found the instructions and the whole scenario strange. I crossed my arms, holding tight whatever she gave me.

Then it began.

No bang from a gun. No countdown at all. I was caught unaware.

Suddenly, he was there.

Suddenly, I was running around the warehouse, all the time wondering why I was the only one being chased all over the place.

Lee Seung Gi.

(I told my sister about this and she said I was thinking too much about it, that’s why. I felt pathetic the whole day and relaying the story now, I’m feeling the same way again.)

I was trapped. Nowhere to go, energy drained and I didn’t feel like fighting anymore. Must be because I knew I had no chance against him.

What made it worse is, right before he took whatever the lady gave me, he flashed a radiant smile. My body stopped responding, like my nerves have been cut off. Then away he went.

I have no intention of delving deeper into what happened after because it involves punishment and lashings and cuts and blood. All for not being able to guard whatever wretched items I was running around with.

Besides, I thought this post should maintain its hilarity and, what’s the noun form for pathetic? Anyway, Seung Gi-ssi, though it breaks my heart, I wish you, and Yoona, all the best. You’re finally dating the girl you liked for years.

I’ll stay right here, hugging my chicken leg and thinking of you.


What are your thoughts on this?

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