Zero to Hero Day 1: Introduce Yourself

Regardless of already having my about page, let me go on with this post.

My name is Dyan, I turned twenty years old last year and I also graduated from college last year. If, by some mysterious force, I could only describe myself in three words, those words would be slightly eccentric, ironic and unpredictable. 

I am blogging, I try to, and I also keep a personal journal. Before I took on the responsibility of maintaining a blog, I already kept journals, some of which I’m tempted to tear and burn to bits because what was I thinking?

For those who have been following me for some time now, the things I blog about vary. My posts are spur-of-the-moment thoughts. From a Korean drama I’m into at the moment to a book that tugs at my heartstrings to a random memory that resurfaced after years to all else that piqued my interest, I’m hoping by bits I could successfully blog throughout 2014.



What are your thoughts on this?

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