Shut up and let’s go!

(L to R: Ha Jin, Hyun Soo, Ji Hyuk, Kyung Jong, and Do Il)

If you like watching Korean dramas as I do, you’ve probably heard of tvN’s Flower Boy series—Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Next Door and Dating Agency: Cyrano. I’ve seen the first and the last drama a few months back but it’s been a long time and though I do remember what went about and who ended up with who, Shut Up Flower Boy Band is the main dish of this post.

After November 1st, which is All Souls’ Day here in our country, my sister and I sat down to see what the fuss was about. Again, like some of the dramas I’ve seen, I came about 닥치고 꽃미남밴드 (Dak-chi-go Kkot-mi-nam Baen-deu) on Tumblr. I know it came first before Cyrano, but I kept track of the latter as it was airing in Korea and it’s just now that I’m seeing the second installment in the series.

On to the first episode, I was having doubts if it was all worth it, downloading this drama. I admit, the boys of Eye Candy/안구정화 were good-looking in their own ways, but the first few scenes didn’t give off any luster, in my opinion. The shots were shaky and I believe they did it on purpose, however it seemed like I was watching a horror movie starring flower boys who were punks as well. And I couldn’t remember all their names and that’s frustrating for me.

Then I saw the third episode and the heavens must have heard my internal complaints so they decided to turn things around and shut off the guy I liked first, which is Byung Hee, played by Lee Min Ki. Whereas most of the members were sort of the silent types, the one who lines his eyes every time, Byung Hee, was playful, good crazy, carefree, and has unwavering loyalty to his friends. Then suddenly, he gets killed! *sobs

Another tearful moment was when Hyun Soo was talking about his past. I should have known why he acts that way sometimes, like he’s always testing the water between him and Ji Hyuk. (SPOILER if you haven’t seen this drama yet) He was Ji Hyuk’s best friend before JH met Byung Hee. He learned how to play the bass just so he could keep up with JH and Byung Hee. He didn’t want to be left out and replaced by someone as JH’s friend. *more sobs


지혁: 미치겠다… 니가 좋아서.

The female lead (Soo Ah played by Jo Bo Ah) here sure looks like Sulli of F(x). Then the twist I’ve seen in some dramas—the friend likes the girl his friend likes as well. He resists the feelings at first but eventually gives in but he doesn’t tell his friends yet and perhaps eventually, if the secret spills, pointing fingers and blames all over the place. You shouldn’t have!” “He was Byung Hee’s muse!” “You said you won’t fall for her! Like he could have helped it.

Five more episodes and I hope no more mishaps on their next live performance just because. Do Il-ah, if you like Woo Kyung, just spit it out. It flusters me when a shot of you comes after a shot of Woo Kyung. Tell me, how is it that you look even better because you speak Korean so well? Now, you don’t talk much in this drama. And your personal hair care, tell me. Because your hair looks smoother, silkier than my mane hahaha

Here you go. This is their first single in the drama, 무단횡단(Jaywalking) by 안구정화(Eye Candy). 닥치고 가난다!



What are your thoughts on this?

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