It doesn’t take a LookBook account for me to actually peruse the pages of the particular site. On some days, I go visiting, do some scrolling and opening in new tabs. I do eye some styles though you don’t get to see me wear them. This post is mainly caused by me reliving Anne of Green Gables. I’ve seen the 1985 and 1987 movie adaptations and I still feel the same for Gilbert Blythe.
Oh, I almost forgot, I won’t really talk about brands and labels here because I’m not as equipped regarding such. I’ve linked the photos, though, and you can just click away for the details of each piece.


(Summer Haze by Maddy C.)

Don’t get me wrong. I do wear shades of the rainbow sometimes but I’d prefer neutrals and browns as much as my closet allows me. This look by Maddy C., for me, is not too much and not too little. It’s causal, laidback, the hat complements the flowy skirt. It has just the right amount of print to keep it going.


(Seven Horses Seen by Nadia Esra)

Though the post was kickstarted by L.M. Montgomery’s series, Nadia’s look reminds me vividly of a gypsy-ish Fraulein Maria of The Sound of Music. See how her red, ginger-ish, Anne Shirley-ish hair is in contrast to the darkness of her clothes. I stare at this and hear Julie Andrews sing, “The hills are alive, with the sound of music…

P.S. Surely, I shall be hunting for more style photos to post and appreciate. Soon. This is fun, I must say.



What are your thoughts on this?

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