Going back.

“The first time I met Bryce Loski, I flipped.”

I’m not yet done reading the book but the movie is absolutely delightful I could watch it over and over. Have you seen Flipped yet? After seeing it for the first time, I knew I had a new addition to my list of favorite flicks.

So, I’m back! After almost three months of hiatus because I was working and the internet was a bit unstable for some time, tales, thoughts and everything in between are coming your way again. You don’t mind it so, do you?

Instead of talking about things that happened last month, I’ll tell you recent. I had an awful dream this morning that I had to force myself to get up because every time I closed my eyes. the dream plays again. A hideous start for my day, that dream was.

There’s this dream, though. It pretty much occupied my mind for a day or two. My college friends and I, we were back in my high school alma mater. The reason why we were walking the hallways there, I’ve no idea. Regardless, while going about the crowded hallway, who else would be there but the person I liked for more or less five years.

His participation in my dream is unexpected. I haven’t thought of him for so long then lo, and behold! We bumped into each other, his things fell, and I, being such a helpful person haha, helped him pick his things up. We looked at each other for a few seconds and then went on our separate ways.

Then, one of my friends. whom I could identify but think it’s best to keep her anonymous since I haven’t told her about this yet, said in a matter-of-fact way, “He loved you.

Delving deeper into this dream is unlikely. Nope, should stop, can do, will do so.

Tomorrow, rain or no rain, I’m going out to meet my friends! Not all of them but most. Anyway, I’ll be posting again real soon. For now, bye-bye! Have a good, if not flawlessly delightful, day!



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