Serenade without words.

A family friend once lent us a cd of his compositions. Though I don’t really listen to instrumentals before, I wasn’t skeptic when we got the cd. Looking back, I am thankful for that introduction.

I have never played any musical instrument before. The only exceptionsㅡwhen I was young and there was this book my Mom bought. It came with a kiddie xylophone. I remember trying to play the nursery rhymes in that book. Another exception would be music class during freshman year in highschool. We were required to play the flute. I wasn’t really good at it, though.

The final exception is now. Because recently I learned how to play the guitar. Though I still can’t make the Bm sound right, I can play songs with the basic and other chords that aren’t as complicated as the Bm and F chords. If you’ve read the text posts on me ranting how hard it is to strum and sing and think of the chords simultaneously, you’d understand.

Now back to Yiruma-ssi 이루마, the pianist I’ve liked ever since the day I played that cd from Dad’s friend. It’s late at night and I’ve been watching his live performances on YouTube and I feel in love. With him, with his music, I don’t really know. I feel in love and I feel beautiful. Not talking about my looks there; it means I’m “feeling” it. Sense of touch, see?

Anyway, if I ever find the motivation inspiration dedication determination I’d probably start learning how to read notes. Then how to play them.

Have I ever told you what made me decide to learn the guitar? It started with this one song from an artist I love. Song title: Your Universe. The artist? Rico Blanco. Listen to it if you have 3-4 minutes of spare time.

If this case with Yiruma-ssi is similar, then I’d probably learn another musical instrument. If, once again, with my soul touched and my heartstrings tugged, then I’m off to another adventure. Lovely.



What are your thoughts on this?

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