A while.

Tonight’s the night for the supermoon, however it’s unfortunate that I won’t be able to see it because the night sky’s filled with rainclouds. It’s too dark, no stars, no supermoon outside.

I’ve been going back and forth with reading Never Let Me Go for weeks now, what with me finding some more dramas to watch(those we will deal with later). In my opinion, this book is reality published. At some point, I almost forgot it is fictional.

A few days after, I started reading The Time Keeper by one of my favorite authors, Mitch Albom. Incorporated in it is the story of the tower of Babel, which is where everything else took flight. This is one of the best lines from the book, “Ends are for yesterdays, not tomorrows.”

Now you already know about my fascination with Korean dramas. Gu Family Book 구가의 서 is on its final week *sigh* and You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin 최고다 이순신 has 20 more eps to go. So one day last week I was looking for new dramas to watch and I found Dating Agency:Cyrano 연애조작단:시라노! It began airing just recently, 6 episodes so far. 6 episodes and I’m already into it because it’s one show with a light atmosphere. It isn’t as complicated and it came as a surprise that SooYoung from SNSD could act so well. Aside from that, it definitely is an eye-candy show. The male lead, Lee Jong-Hyuk is old enough to be my Dad but he is appealing enough. Like Cha Seung Won from another drama, The Greatest Love 최고의 사랑.

P.S. Do you see how enthusiastic I am with dramas? I would’ve added one more but I guess, I’ll just reserve that for another day. Speaking of which, how’s your day so far? Hope you had a really good one, or an okay one at least. Smile! 🙂


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