How Reading Actually Made Me Love My Life

Another beautiful read. Well-written, I love this.

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And so on. This is how I remember learning the alphabets and phonics in Ms. Jean’s pre-school class. I think reading came natural to me; natural in a sense that it wasn’t difficult for me to get the hang of, and since it was easy, I liked it. Letters fit perfectly together, like puzzles, and although I don’t remember making this comparison at the time, thinking back, I know that then in my four year old mind, I loved the way letters could match together with other letters to make words that I could “sound out.” I also enjoyed the praise that came after matching the letters correctly, perfectly, in my mouth. Whenever I was in the car, I would read the posters, billboards, and signs that passed me by in a game that I created for myself: read all the words that I…

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