The Chosen One(s).

I’m having a Harry Potter moment here, sorry about that. Anyway here are my nominees for the Liebster Blog Awards:


RE-POST OF THE RULES:  1) List 11 facts about yourself. 2) Answer the questions left by the blogger who nominated you. 3) Nominate five (or more) bloggers who have less than 200 follower. Make sure to notify them. 4) Make up questions for those you have nominated. 5) Display the Liebster Award badge on your blog.

Here are my questions.
1. Coffee, tea or water? Why?
2. Which do you prefer, staying at home or going out? Why?
3. If you could be fluent in a foreign language, what would it be?
4. Given the chance to live in another country, which country would it be?
5. What do you think of handwritten letters?
6. What would you do if one day you wake up and you’re Little Mermaid, fish tail and all?
7. Have you ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut when you were young?
8. Would you want an owl as a pet? Why/why not?

Here’s your badge, fellow blogger!





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