This Is A Story Written On A Typewriter

Thought Catalog

Below is a story that I wrote on my typewriter. A professor in graduate school told me to use a typewriter instead of a computer, and he was a smart man, so I listened. Unfortunately a lot of my work involves using a computer, because I write on the internet. This is unfortunate.
The nice part about a typewriter is that there’s no internet on it, and thus no distractions, no Angry Birds or Pinterests or whatnots. You go to a coffeehouse and plunk down your twenty-pound typewriter (as I often do). Now what? There’s no internet. No distractions. Now you have to write.
Also, a typewriter keeps you moving forward. My fatal flaw is rewriting things. I must have 40 unpublished Thought Catalog thingies where I started writing it, then started rewriting it, then turned everything into a muddle, then gave up. On a typewriter, you can’t go back…

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