Five down, two to go!

Five down, two to go!

This is an unprecedented purchase. As planned, we went to Booksale, our one-stop shop for pre-loved-but-still-in-good-conditions reads. Then this happened. We were pulled over to where it was proudly displayed and I couldn’t fully grasp it at first because Booksale didn’t have as much mainstream books as other bookstores and there it was right in front of my eyes. There it was in all its Bloomsbury glory(note: I already have 5 of these books courtesy of my aunt when she came home from Hongkong and all books are Bloomsbury editions) and I remember me saying I’d get only the blooms, not that I don’t like the Scholastic version, it’s just that Bloomsbury is UK, so there.

I apologize for my sentences going the long way but that’s me when excited and happy.

Anyway, what made me even more hesitant is the price. P270(that’s more or less $7 if I counted right) for this book still in flawless condition. Brilliant, eh?


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