Throwbacks and memories.

Throwbacks and memories.

The day before we went to my aunt’s house which isn’t really that far from home. My sister, cousin Janelle and I were talking about our childhood days(not that they’re as old as I am) and the games we used to play and then my cousin brought up something about photos during the birthday of his older brother.

And that’s how I got my hands on these pictures of me with my cousins. At three years old, look at me pretending to be a babysitter of my cousin when I could barely hold on to him. My sister says I look so possessive in these photos, ha. Anyway, don’t you think full bangs suited me well back in the days? I thought I looked pretty decent here. (Okay I shouldn’t be babbling about my looks back then sorry for that pardon me)

And hey, today’s our town fiesta. In a while we’ll be going to my aunt’s and definitely I shall stuff my tummy with the food it can take. Plus, to cool down and relieve myself from the heat, I’m counting on the sherbet. Sarap! Yum.

P.S. Four more episodes to go and I’m done watching To The Beautiful You. As always, I’m sleeping late. I’m off to episode four of Gu Family Book, too. I do like seeing KangChi/SeungGi oppa but sometimes I miss his gumiho dad, Wol Ryung. Nevertheless, I’m going summer summer summer! ü

I’m hoping you, too, are having a wonderful day despite the many mean things happening at the moment. Well, let’s pray for the goodness to overthrow the bad, okay? Smile, love!


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