“In the heat of summer sunshine…”

In the heat of summer sunshine, I had to go out and pay for the electricity bills. If I read it right, the temperature today is 36.1°C. Moving away from the electric fan is a bother. Try it and in just a minute or under you find yourself drenched in sweat. The heat is bearable though, as long as you stick to the fan. I’m having a summerrrr fling with the electric fan. 🙂

It’s best to chug down lots of water because somehow my body’s survival depends on it. Dehydration is more likely at this point.

Besides the heat, more than the heat even, is the news on the bombing in Boston. What happened to spreading love+peace+hope and not war/violence/danger/the likes anthem?

Let’s just pray for a better tomorrow. Let’s not settle for merely being human. Let’s go for the more humane, shall we? 🙂


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