All at the same time.

늑대 소년 대박! 구가의 서 대박!

I haven’t seen episode 2 of Gu Family Book yet but the pilot ep is really daebak(awesome)! And the mountain guardian/gumiho Wol Ryung’s face, I really like looking at it. He smiles brightly. It didn’t matter if Seung Gi oppa’s character isn’t shown yet though I’m anticipating that moment still.

Because the internet connection’s kinda sloppy today, my sister and I decided to watch A Werewolf Boy (2012) and I wasn’t disappointed. I was moved to tears at the latter part. Joong Ki’s acting, too, was daebak. The girl who played SunI reminded me of Moon Geun Young.

“기다려. 나 다시 올까.”

Wait for me. I’ll come back. ♥

Thoughts the day after watching AWB:

Flashbacks of Cheol-Su’s innocent face. Even while I’m watching To The Beautiful You. That movie, it gave me feelings I can’t fathom into words. Even hearing that word “gidaryeo” makes me shiver. What have you done to me?


What are your thoughts on this?

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