Oh well, I guess some would always have something to say.

There is always that someone, that somebody who generalizes things. That someone who easily comes up with a conclusion or a projection of a person just because of ONE instance or situation.

I understand that making judgments seems to be an integral part of being. That voicing out opinions isn’t as rare as it looks. That this action resides in and is dictated by just being.

What I don’t understand is that, regardless of other circumstances, there are those who claim it’s likely you have this particular trait.

Why am I ranting about this? Because it is one thing I find absurd. Ridiculous. If you never really know the person, and even if you do know the person (and I don’t think you’d know someone so well, it’ll just be you being familiar with how he/she is as a person), I don’t find it proper, dropping your thought/opinion/judgment as if it’s verified. As if it’s a fact. Especially if it isn’t something someone wouldn’t want to hear.

Setting all that aside, I’ll just listen to this song. It’s a pick-me-up song. The lyrics talk about taking life as it is and making the best out of it; that you should never ever believe you’re worthless or insignificant (I know it’s hard not to at times) and that if you’ll patiently wait it will all get better.

P.S. Love this band. Love their songs. Everything. My childhood reminisced. :>


What are your thoughts on this?

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