It may not seem much, but it’s more than enough to make me happy.

Yesterday, I received a wonderful news which made me feel like a proud Mom more than a proud Ate(older sister). My cousin Janelle, is graduating as the class valedictorian this March 15 and I am ecstatic! It’s a pity though that I won’t be able to see and hear her say her speech because of a commitment at school that day.

The radio is on and Remember Me This Way is playing. Back in high school we sang this song for the seniors during their baccalaureate mass. (I was a part of the choir before.)

Our graduation day, too, is fast approaching. Only a month to go and I’ll be leaving school. Of course, I’m happy and grateful as I’ve come this far. Would you look at that, I survived 15 years of school. That’s a lot of paperwork, recitation, exams and mental blocks, and don’t forget the embarrassing moments like falling face-down on the floor.

However, school was, more than tolerable, one big adventure. During my early years at school, I cried over almost everything. Little things didn’t seem to be so petty to me back then.

Nevertheless, I made friends and had overcome the discomfort of approaching and talking to people. I learned that happiness is, as they quote, made real when shared. Of course, I haven’t forgotten the necessity of quiet moments with my inner self.

If I’ll have a rundown of everything, this post will go on forever–and forever will I be thankful for Daddy God’s grace and blessings. Forever will I be grateful for His trust in me, for it served as my strength to go on living.


What are your thoughts on this?

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