Rundown of almost everything.

1. I lost my hair scrunchie when we had our hair and makeup done. (Saturday)

2. My pen wasn’t returned to me after it was borrowed. (Saturday)

3. My i.d. was confiscated. (Today)

Now we can move on to and talk about better things. Last Saturday, we had our socialization night at this hotel a few minutes drive away from school. My friends and I went to one friend’s house and there, we got dolled up. Hair done, make-up done and hey at least I looked decent enough. Here’s a photo (not mine, from a friend):


What do you think of that? Me wearing a dress and high-heeled shoes, ha. Though it’s not every day that I wear these things, I managed to pull it off, I say.

This one was taken while we were waiting in line to get our dinner. At this point, though our stomachs were already making strange noises from hunger, we managed to give our best smiles.


This is another photo of me and my friends. I grabbed this one, too, from a friend. It’s sort of the after-party shot. We were tempted to jump in the pool behind us as it looked so refreshing.


I was wondering though, if it’s a good thing or a bad thing–my hair was curled but then even before the event started it went back to being to being plain straight. No matter how much hairspray is applied, it falls back to how it is on an ordinary day. My hair has been stubborn like this ever since. It would’ve been nice if the curls remained for a few hours.

Anyway I went home with my stomach stuffed with delish food, and my mind filled with wonderful memories from that night. :>


What are your thoughts on this?

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