While waiting for one of the panelists yesterday, I was focused on taking deep breaths to calm my trembling/nervous/anxious self. I didn’t think of going through the papers for the last time. All the while I was holding on to the rosary in my hands, I thought “Lord, let Your will be done.”

I survived. We survived. We got through the final defense without damaging our nerves. Though they (the panelists) scared us first with saying “Re-defense? Or a new study perhaps?”, in the end everyone in that room was all smiles. The atmosphere so light, I could’ve cried in front of them. I was so happy with the outcome I even bowed to them as I said my thanks, the way Japanese and Koreans do. I could’ve done that over and over, too.

We left the room and the world seemed a happier place than before (NOTE: It was a happy one even when it’s nerve-wracking at times), from the dust to the morning sun. I waved to the heavens and said my sincerest thanks. Daddy God, I felt you were smiling down at us from up there. We are eternally grateful to You. Salamat po sa Inyo. Sobrang maraming salamat po. 

Indeed, we are blessed. Indeed, we are favored. :>

P.S. I extend my thanks to everyone else who has been with us in this journey.


What are your thoughts on this?

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