Tomorrow, it is!

I may be all worries and doubts now, but I’m trying to set them all aside. I BELIEVE tomorrow will be a better day, because Daddy God has prepared it for me. Because He has prepared me for it. Because He will carry me through it.

“I heard that faith moves mountains
I know it moves my feet
To follow you;
And maybe I’m a mountain
Because it’s moving me
To follow you.” (Audrey Assad, Slow)

After all these years, what excuse is there so I may doubt His grace and unceasing love? Nothing. He has blessed me though I’m undeserving. To give back to Him is to have faith in Him. To trust in His plans for me, no matter what.

I CLAIM IT. Tomorrow will be another of His blessings. Tonight I shall sleep soundly because He has taken care of tomorrow for me.


What are your thoughts on this?

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