I’m walking on sunshine woah!

It seems better days have come for that person I prayed to Daddy God for. I hope that person has found the fragment of life that he/she had lost once.

The workload (at school) has lightened up, I think. Maybe I have finally come to terms with all of it, making what used to be a burden now as something I know shall pass. Things will get better, and I claim it.

Before graduation day, I’m planning on cutting my hair short. Shorter than what I’ve had before. What do you think of something as short as this? Or this? Or this? Doesn’t matter which, I’m chopping my locks for a change. :>

Update after doing the laundry:

The corn, though half-cooked was good, as the boiled banana is. They somehow replenished the energy used in washing clothes.

Meanwhile, I’ll be writing down lyrics of new songs that stood out in this show I’m watching. My journal is 20% lyrics, did you know? :>


What are your thoughts on this?

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