Whatever should I complain about?

Whatever should I complain about?

After a long time, I finally found myself hunting the shelves of my favorite bookstore ever. The last time I went there and brought home treasures was last year.

For P57 (just a bit over a dollar), I got myself two hardbounds (Anita Shreve’s and Ann Packer’s) plus a softbound.

I sat cross-legged facing the bottom shelf and I’m glad I found these hand-me-down books, still in mint condition. I’m particularly interested with Ann Packer’s–the cover illustration plus the synopsis on the inside flap had me clutching at it.

With Light On Snow, I felt like I should keep the book given its low price and to quench my curiosity on the writings of Anita Shreve. I’ve been seeing her name for some time now and I thought, why not? It has an interesting story line so I might as well have it.

I’m not much of a reader of horror fiction or non-fiction because I tend to over-imagine and then end up scaring myself. However, I’d give Muller’s Supernatural a try and see if the seven stories would or would not have me terrified out of my wits.

Three books added to my to-read list, and I’m not even sorry.

Aside from all these books, with Daddy God and my dear family and friends and Asian dramas and music and… of all the things I’m grateful for, it would take lots of time and space to mention them all—-how can I even worry over those things I find it tiring to deal with? Things will fall into place at the proper moment. Besides, they don’t even match up to all the wonderful and lovely blessings of every day. Am I right or am I right? 🙂

P.S. Before reading these three, first I have to finish reading Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings.


What are your thoughts on this?

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