I’m moving closer!

Yesterday I finished reading Coraline by Neil Gaiman. (Note: This is not a book review. I’m pathetic when it comes to that.) It was creepy–well the other mother of Coraline was. At some point I wanted to shout out to Coraline because I thought of how the pace was slow. I mean, the pace of her finding the solution on how to find her parents and the spirits of those behind the mirror. They were gone for two days only but it felt dragging to me. Nevertheless, I like this story, even with some characters mistaking Caroline as Coraline’s name.

Late as it may seem, I watched Les Miserables yesterday, too. I remember doing a play on this back in high school. I didn’t quite get it then; I think I didn’t even know what the story is about. All I recall are the names of the characters. Other than that, nothing. It’s just after some time that I understood what was happening.

I also watched Pitch Perfect. Awesome.

It’s a wonder that those actors I never thought could sing so well, sing so well. A round of applause for them.

I guess this post’s title has nothing to do with what I’ve written above. It’s just that it’s February already and I’m closer to graduation day.


What are your thoughts on this?

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