Firstly, this post is not about me being adopted because as far as I know, I’ve been living with my biological family ever since the world began (in my case).

This post is about our family, well, my sister and I actually, adopting two kittens last Sunday. We haven’t given names yet as we were unsure of their genders. One’s black with orange streaks and the other one has ginger fur, so technically I call him/her Ginger.

For now, I’m just hoping they’d survive the coming days and nights. I’m hoping they’re comfortable with the box I’ve placed them in. Seeing as they know that that box is where they’re supposed to sleep, I think it’s comfy and warm enough for them.

For now, I’m hoping they’d grow up to be cute bundles of fur. I’ve been giving them milk since we got them and maybe over the weekends I’d try giving them softened solid food already. It has only been three days but I feel like I love them already even if they make noise lots when I hold them in my arms.

Dad says maybe I could work for an animal welfare organization someday. That would be nice, I say.

P.S. It would be lovely, too, if their mommy would come for them. She shouldn’t have left them in a place where they’d get drenched with rain.


What are your thoughts on this?

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