“Every day has something about it no other day has. Haven’t you noticed?”

If my sense of direction is in reliable working condition, I’d say the cool breeze is blowing from the northeast. And if my sense of smell can be trusted, with the dull gray sky I’m seeing outside my window at this very moment, I’m thinking the heavens will break down in a while. From happiness or sadness, I haven’t the slightest idea.

I am re-reading the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery and in the same way I’ve wondered the first time I’ve read it, I’m thinking of how it would be like to be Anne. To me she seems to say the right things, beautiful things most of the time. She’s a being of, I don’t know, perpetual liveliness and youth, that people adore her for it. Anne or Cordelia Shirley, you might as well know you’ve charmed the reader in me with your unpredictability and delightful adventures. (See, I’ve quoted what you said to Susan Baker who makes me smile because she calls you Mrs. Doctor dear.)



What are your thoughts on this?

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