Highlights of page 2 of 366.

Firstly, I almost thought of not getting out of bed (I took a nap) this afternoon before the debut, but then I wasn’t into guilt trips and it didn’t seem right to go missing when she personally came to the house and invited me. In short, I got dressed (in a dress, but I wore leggings because I sort of don’t patronize me showing skin, too much skin at that).

I went there with my cousins (both male and kinda awkward like I am). We were early, but then we were just on time, and apparently it helped my tummy lots.

The food was served and I got some of almost everything on the buffet table and that wretched Nagini in my tummy stopped complaining immediately.

It was amusing, listening to my cousins talking about Math and all its glory. Though the part where I understood something never came.

Nice to meet you.” It was too late to shut my mouth. I actually said that to the debutante, as if it’s not obvious that we just met now, Sheeessshh me and my wayward thoughts.

Oh and I met a gentleman tonight. One of the 18 roses offered me a chair. Among the girls, how could he even bother with me? People are weird sometimes. (Or maybe he just sensed  me being impatient at the program’s pace.)

There was this puppy I followed around while waiting for Gramps so we could get home. I finally got him to like me and I played with him (such a cute darling I love him so much now) and I wish I took him with me. He was clinging to my leg and it felt like he wanted to come with us. Pity he wasn’t mine to keep.

Okay then, I’m going to continue watching Rooftop Prince.

P.S. It’s a starry, starry night. So paint your palettes blue and gray.

Okay enough now. And sorry I’ve no photos to share.


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