“And when they tell you life is not like this, life is never like this, life will never be like this, insist that the sun has always found a time and a place, the moon too knows when and where to enter, and you too have your stories, and you too have your place.”

— Shira Erlichman, How To Tell A Story

I’ve had my fair share of doubts on the duration of my existence. I tried to seek assurances lots of times. When I thought I found one, it seemed to gradually slip through my fingers. As I get back to the beginning, I find myself, at the very least, working myself in getting up again.

With all of life’s complexities, craziness and worries, I’m sure glad there’s always something or someone I could hold on to.

I won’t let myself be discouraged. I’ve my own story to tell, and I’m off to find that place where someone will listen. You will, too, and knowing that should keep you moving forward.



What are your thoughts on this?

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