On wearing dresses and awkwardness.

Firstly, even though I am a girl, I am not the girl who is into dresses and high heels and doll shoes and everything under the category of looking like a girl.

Yes, dresses could be very pretty and all, but really it makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I have to act prim and proper whenever I’m in one.

You see, I’m more of a jeans+shirt+sneakers-kind-of-girl. I’d choose that outfit over the other.

Perhaps I should put a notice on the gates saying “Don’t make her wear a dress, please. Thank you.” What is it that people don’t get when I say I don’t want to wear a dress? Is it something so hard to understand, Sir?

Today someone who apparently is a second cousin(I only met her now, and I don’t even know her name.) is celebrating her 18th birthday this coming January 02 and she came over asking if I may be a part of the 18 candles. I told her, straight to the point while trying not to grimace, what I am telling you now.

She said to me, or maybe that other girl who was with her, “See you on January 02.” Hey did I say yes? Did you hear me agree? Did I say “Yeah, sure, no problem..” out loud?

Sometimes people don’t grasp the concept of the word “NO.

P.S. I don’t want to freak out and all, but this is ridiculous.

I’ll wear a dress again. Sheeeeeessssshhh.



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